NAKED RAYGUN - Over The Overlords / CD

NAKED RAYGUN - Over The Overlords / CD

We are so happy to be bringing you the first full length album from Naked Raygun in over 30 years. The band has so much history with WAX TRAX! Whether it is singer, Jeff Pezzati’s sister being the first official employee of the label, or his brother, Marco working the counter in the original Lincoln Ave. store. Besides being an amazing record - The thing that makes us so happy about the album is the fact that bassist, Pierre Kezdy’s first release on WAX TRAX! was Strike Under - Immediate Action, and his last album he recorded before his passing is this current Naked Raygun release. We are truly humbled.

Tracks Include

01 Go The Spoils
02 Living In The Good Times
03 Soul Hole Baby
04 Superheroes
05 Treat Me Unkind
06 Suicide Bomb
07 Broken Things
08 Amishes
09 Black and Grey
10 Ode to Sean McKeough
11 Farewell to Arms
12 Living In The Good Times / Paul Barker Mix
13 Knock Me Down - Live in Chicago 2015